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Chinese Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook Chinese dishes :

  • Chinese Cooking 1 : Fried Rice, Chowmein, Chicken Manchurian or Schezwan Chicken, Chili Chicken or Garlic Chicken, Spring Rolls, Wantons
  • Chinese Cooking 2 : Chopsuey, Burnt Garlic Rice, Crackling Spinach Chicken, Hunan Chicken, Lemon Chicken
Chicken Fried Rice Fried Rice Noodles / Chowmein Noodles / Chowmein
Chicken Manchurian Chicken Manchurian Szechwan Chicken Schezwan Chicken
Chilli Chicken Chilli Chicken Garlic Chicken Garlic Chicken
spring rolls Spring Rolls wontonsWontons
Burnt Garlic RiceBurnt Garlic Rice
Crackling Spinach ChickenCrackling Spinach Chicken
Hunan ChickenHunan Chicken
Lemon ChickenLemon Chicken

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