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Manju's Cooking & Baking Classes - Learn how to make delicious dishes you get in best Restaurants, Bakeries and Pastry Shops at home, you can make them all at low cost as and when you want. Treat your family and guests with tasty home cooked food.

Offers Indian cooking classes for travelers and range of Indian cuisine, International cuisine, Baking classes for culinary enthusiasts in India.

Cooking & Baking Classes in Bangalore

Separate Veg and Non-Veg Cooking & Baking Classes

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Custom Cooking Class : Fees Rs 7500/- per class and upto 3 people can attend for this fees, that is 1 person - fees Rs 7500/-, 2 persons - fees Rs.3750/- per person, 3 people or more - fees Rs.2500/- per person. Food you prepare in the class, you can have it here or take it with you. You can schedule the class yourself and select one set of dishes as listed below like "South Indian Cooking Class" or choose 5 individual veg or non veg dishes from different set of dishes (eg. Nan, Malai Kofta Curry, Shahi Paneer, Vegetable Korma, Butter Chicken, Masala Dosa. Note: individual dishes from Chocolates, Breads, Puffs, Croissants, Ice creams, Macarons, BBQ, Wine cannot be selected for custom class. Mutton, Fish, Prawns, Biryani, Barbecue, Korean, Japanese, Cakes custom class we charge Rs.1000/- extra. contact us for custom class.

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Online Cooking & Baking Classes : All previously conducted Online Class Recordings are available ( See Bread Baking Class Video clip) You can buy Online Class Video Recording + PDF Recipe booklet for Rs 2000/- and easily learn to make tasty food at home, you can keep the class video for life-time and refer to it whenever you make the dishes. Class video downloads are only 500 - 800MB range, you can easily download it to your computer or mobile phone. Viewing online class recording is exactly like attending the class, after watching video you can clarify doubts through WhatsApp or Phone call. Contact via Email or WhatsApp +91 9342143126 to buy.

Vegetarian Cooking & Baking Classes

Indian Cooking Classes (Vegetarian)

  • North Indian Cooking Classes - Naan, Roti, Bhatura, Palak Paneer(curry), Paneer Butter Masala(curry), Malai Kofta Curry
  • North Indian Curries Classes - Navratan Korma(curry), Gobi Masala(curry), Matar Paneer(curry), Vegetable Pepper Masala(curry), Dal Makhani
  • North Indian Dishes Classes - Paneer Pasanda, Kaju Masala, Vegetable Dopiaza, Vegetable Kolhapuri, Rumali Roti
  • Indian Vegetarian Curries - Gobi Musallam, Mushroom Masala, Chole (Chick Pea) Masala, Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Jalfrezi, Dum Aloo etc.
  • South Indian Cooking Classes - Dosa, Masala Dosa, Chutney, Idli, Vada, Sambar (Bangalore restaurant style Idli Sambar), Rava Idli, Rava Dosa, Sagu
  • South Indian Thali Meals Class - Poori, Rice, subji or Dhal, Pallya, Sambar, Rasam, Pappad, Indian Sweet.
  • Kerala Cooking Classes (Veg) - Appam, Vegetable stew, Kerala Paratha(Porotta), Vegetable Korma, Puttu, Kadala, Idiappam
  • Vegetable Biryani Class - Dum vegetable biryani, Kashmire pulao, Ribbon rice, Corn biryani, Vegetable pulav
  • Vegetable Kebab Class - Paneer Sholey kebab, Vegetable Seek kabab, Hara Bhara kebab, Moong Dal kebab, Aloo Chutneywala, Malai Mushroom kebab
  • Chaat Making Classes 1, 2 - Bhelpuri, Masala Puri, Dahi Puri, Sev Puri, Pani Puri (Gol Guppa) | Pav Bhaji, Samosa, Palak Chat, Kachori, Chinese Bhel
  • Stuffed Parathas - Aloo Paratha, Mooli Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Mixed Vegetable Paratha, Paneer Stuffed Methi Paratha
  • Indian Breakfast Dishes Class - Poha, Semiya Bath, Sabudana Khichdi, Thatte Idli, Bonda Soup, Pesarattu - Chutneys : Coconut Chutney / Tomato Chutney / Ginger Chutney
  • Indian Rice Dishes - Curdrice, Puliyogare, Bisi-bele bath, Lime Rice, Vangi bath, Pongal, Tomato Rice
  • Paneer Dishes Class - Kadai Paneer, Malai Methi Paneer, Shahi Paneer, Labadar Paneer, Paneer Bhurji
  • Rajasthani Vegetarian Dishes : Dal bati churma, Gatte ki sabzi, Gulab jamun ki sabzi, Aam ki launji
  • Vegetarian Rolls Class - Cheesy Potato Roll, Crispy Paneer Roll, Veg Chilli Garlic Roll, Crispy Veg Roll, Tandoori Panner Roll, Mexican Veg Roll
  • Indian Sweets Making Classes 1, 2 , 3 - Rasgoulla, Rasmalai, Kalakand, Gulab Jamun, Jelabi, Kaju Burfi | Mysore Pak, Boondi Laddu, Malpua, Boondi Barfi, Sweet Khoya Samosa | Jahangir (Imarti), Badusha, Kala Jamun, Kaju Pista Roll, Mawa Jelebi
  • Laddu Making Classes - Besan Laddu, Rava Laddu, Pinni (Wheat Gond Laddu), Dry-fruits Rose Laddu, Ari Unda (Roasted Rice and Coconut Laddu - Kerala), Thambittu (Fried Gram and Jaggery Laddu - Karnataka)

International Cuisine (Vegetarian)

  • Chinese Cooking Classes (Veg) - Vegetable Fried Rice, Veg Chowmein(Noodles), Cauliflower(Gobi) Manchurian or Mushroom Manchurian, Veg Balls in Garlic sauce, Stir Fried Vegetables in Szechwan sauce, Spring rolls
  • Momo Making Class (Veg) - Vegetarian Steamed Momo, Corn and Cheese Pan Fried Momo, Tandoori Paneer Momo, Veg Kurkure Momo, Veg Pan Fried Momo in Szechuan Sauce, Chocolate Momo
  • Pizza, Burger Classes (Veg) - Home made Pizza base, Pizza sauce, Vegetable toppings, Veg Calzone, Veg Burger, Eggless Mayonnaise sauce, Garlic bread, Piadina rolls
  • Italian Pasta Cooking Classes (Veg) - Home made pasta, Lasagna, Ravioli, Penne in Arrabbiata sauce, Fettuccini in creamy tomato sauce
  • Middle Eastern / Arabic Cooking Classes (Veg) - Moussaka, Pita bread, Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Fattoush
  • Mexican Cooking Classes (Veg) - Tortillas, Tacos, Nacho chips, Burritos, Enchiladas, Mexican Rice, Salsa, Sour Cream, Refried Beans
  • Thai Cooking Classes (Veg) - Thai Fried Rice Veg, Pad Thai Veg, Thai Red Curry Veg, Thai Green Curry Veg, Tofu Satay
  • Sandwiches & Wraps Classes (Veg) - Layered veg sandwich, Grilled vegetable sandwich, Pinwheel sandwich, Grilled paneer panini, Chilli cheese toast, Paneer Frankie Rolls
  • Steamed Dishes (Veg) - Vegetarian Momos, Vegetarian Siopao, Vegetarian Vietnamese Rolls, Vegetarian Sushi, Vegetarian Steamed Cabbage Rolls
  • Sizzler Classes (Veg) - Learn 5 Vegetarian Sizzlers (Broccoli Croquets Sizzler, Veg Cutlet Sizzler, Macaroni N Cheese Sizzler, Paneer Shashlik Sizzler, Chopsuey Sizzler) with sauces (Mushroom Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Garlic Sauce, BBQ Sauce) and accompaniments (Mash Potato, Butter Rice, Boiled Vegetables)
  • Barbecue Classes (Veg) - Cajun Spiced Paneer Barbecue, Cheesy Broccoli Barbecue, Sweet N Sour Babycorn Barbecue, Stuffed Mushroom Barbecue, Pineapple Barbecue, Chilli Corn on Cob, Peri Peri Potato Barbecue
  • Vegetarian Pie Classes - Vegetable Pie, Vegetable Au-Gratin, Vegetable Florentine, Eggless Quiche, Vegetable Crumble Bake

Baking Classes (Eggless)

  • Bread Baking Classes 1, 2 - Bread, Buns, Buns with fillings, Dinner Rolls, Whole Wheat Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, Focaccia, Ciabatta, Pretzel, Pesto Bread, Artisan Bread
  • Sourdough Bread Classes - Learn to make Sourdough Starter, maintain Sourdough Starter, bake Sourdough Bread (with all purpose flour / maida), Sourdough Baguette, Sourdough three cheese margherita pizza, Bruschetta
  • Puffs Making Classes - Puffs, Cheese Straws, Apple Galette, Palmiers, Dilkhush, Apple Strudel
  • Croissants Making Classes - Butter Croissants, Almond Croissants, Chocolate Nutella Croissants, Pain Au Chocolat, Cronuts
  • Eggless Cakes Classes - Eggless Chocolate Cake, Death by Chocolate Cake, Carrot and Date Cake, Banana Muffins, Chocolate Brownie, Eggless Black Forest Cake, Eggless Pineapple Pastry, Eggless Peanut Butter Cake , Eggless Apple Cake, Eggless Coffee Streusel Cake
  • Eggless Cupcake Classes - Learn Red Velvet cupcake, Coffee cupcake, Chocolate cupcake, Vanilla cupcake, Peanut Butter cupcake; with frostings - Cream cheese, Khalua cream, Pina colada, Chocolate butter cream, Poured fondant.
  • Cake Decoration Classes (Veg) - Gelatin-free Fondant, Veg Royal Icing, Butter Cream, Gumpaste Flowers
  • Eggless Cookies Classes - Jam Tart, Butterscotch Tart, Anzac cookies, Masala cookies, Chocolate chip cookies, Peanut Crinkles, Short Bread
  • Eggless Cookies Classes 2 - Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Raisins Cookies, Nankhatai, Chocolate Cookie Sandwich, Ladies Kisses Cookies, Viennese Fingers
  • Biscoff Making Classes - Biscoff Cookies, Biscoff Cookie Butter, Biscoff Fudge Sticks, Biscoff Creamepot, Biscoff Brookies, Biscoff Raspberry Bar

Salads & Soups

  • Salads Classes (Veg) - 10 Vegetarian Salads with Mayonnaise, Ranch, Thousand island, French vinaigrette dressings
  • Soups Classes (Veg) - Tomato Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Sweetcorn Soup, Hot N Sour Soup, Manchow Soup, Wanton Clear Soup

Starters & Snacks

  • Starters and Snacks (Veg) 1, 2 - Crunchy Paneer Balls, Potato Croquettes, Paneer Sticks, Veg Baked Rolls, Veg Curry Puff, Cajun Potato, Chilli Paneer, Crispy Corn, Kurkure Bindi, Crispy Cauliflower
  • Indian Snacks Class (Veg) : Dhokla, Khandvi, Sabudana vada, Mangalore buns, Mysore bonda, Masala vada, Ulli vada

Ice Cream, Desserts, Puddings (Eggless)

  • Ice Cream Classes - Home made Ice Creams (Flavors : Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pista, Butterscotch, Blackcurrant, Coffee), Hot Fudge Sauce, Jelly, Banana Split, Sundaes, Falooda, Kulfi.
  • Frozen Desserts Classes - Charlotte Royale, Fried Ice cream, Mudpie, Ice cream Cake, Ice cream Bombe & Sauces
  • Eggless Desserts Classes 1 - Blueberry Cheesecake, Layered Chocolate Mousse, Tender Coconut Pudding, Kiwi SoufflĂ©, Eggless Caramel Pudding
  • Eggless Desserts Classes 2, 3, 4
    • Eggless Desserts Class 2 - Toffe Delight, Banoffee Pie, Choco-orange pudding, Tiramisu, Pannacotta
    • Eggless Desserts Class 3 (Middle Eastern Desserts) - Baklava, Aish El Saraya, Konafah, Ummali, Muhallabia, Baklava
    • Eggless Desserts Class 4 (South East Asian Desserts) - Nata de Coco Salad, Ice Kachang, Cendol, Buko Pandan, Thai Coconut Icecream.
  • Desserts in Jars (Eggless) - Microwave Brownie with Salted Caramel, Lemon Fluff, Oreo Cheesecake, Red Velvet Delight, Very Berry Trifle

Cool Drinks, Milkshakes

  • Cool Drinks, Squashes, Mocktails, Milkshakes, Lassi Making Classes 1, 2, 3
    • Squashes, Mocktails - Class 1 : Grape Squash, Pineapple Squash, Orange Squash, Mango Squash, Mint Squash, Beetroot Squash, Ginger Lime Squash, Mocktails, Fruit Punch, Ice Tea
    • Furit Juices, Milkshakes, Lassi - Class 2 : Fresh Fruit Juices (Grape / Pineapple / Apple / Watermelon / Muskmelon / Mango / Chikoo ), Fresh Fruit Milkshake ( Strawberry / Mango / Banana / Muskmelon / Chikoo ), Dry Fruit / Mixed Dry Fruit Milkshake, Lassi, Cold Coffee, Mojito, Frappe
    • Summer Drinks - Class 3 : Aam Panna, Badam Milk, Ginger Ale, Kulukki Sarbath, Kulhad Rabri Doodh, Lemonade, Sattu Sharbat, Shikanji, Solkadi, Thandai

Chocolate Making

  • Chocolate Classes - Learn Chocolates with 15 types of fillings - Rum-N-Raisin, Bounty, Butterscotch, Hazelnut praline, Marzipan center, Fondant center, Orange crispy, Crackle, Roasted nuts, Fruity center, Honey dew, Coffee crunch, Peanut bites, Marble chocolates, Layered chocolates
  • Chocolate Making Classes (Advanced) - Liqueur Chocolates, Soft Centered Chocolates, French / Belgian type Chocolate Truffles (banana, chili, earlgray, orange, coffee, lime and rum truffles).
  • Chocolate Making Classes 3 - Popular chocolates - After 8 mint, Ferro Rocher, Sneakers etc.

Fruit Jam & Preserves

  • Fruit Jams & Preserves Classes - Fruit Jams, Jelly, Preserve, Marmalade, Conserves without preservatives and added pectin. Pineapple Jam, Orange Marmalade, Conserves (mixed fruits), Strawberry Preserve, Guava Jelly, Mixed Fruit Jam (Jelly), Apple Chilli Jelly, Kaya Jam


  • Pickle Cooking Classes : Vegetable Pickle, Tender Mango Pickle, Uluva Mango Pickle (Fenugreek Mango Pickle), Mango Tokku Pickle (Grated Mango Pickle), Lime Pickle, Lime Pickle White, Brinjal Pickle (Aubergine Pickle)


  • Sauce Making Classes - Tomato ketchup, Green/Red chilli sauce, Tamarind concentrate, Thai sweet chilli sauce, Sriracha chilli sauce, Peanut butter, Home made pickled jalapeno (for pizza) Tomato puree


  • Wine Making Classes - Homemade Red wine, White wine, Pineapple wine, Banana wine, Ginger wine, Dates wine

Non Vegetarian Cooking & Baking Classes

Indian Cooking Classes (NonVeg)

  • North Indian Cusine Classes - Naan, Roti, Bhatura, Butter Chicken(curry), Mughlai Chicken(curry), Kadai Chicken(curry)
  • North Indian Dishes Classes 2 - Murgh Do Piaza (Chicken Do Piaza), Rezala Chicken, Murgh Kali Mirch (Pepper Chicken), Achari Murgh (Pickle Chicken) and Roomali Roti
  • Kerala Cuisine Classes - Appam, Chicken stew, Idiappam, Egg Masala, Puttu, Kerala Paratha(Porotta), Chicken Curry
  • Biryani Cooking Classes - Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Fish Biryani, Prawn Biryani
  • Regional Biryani Classes : Ambur Biryani, Donne Biryani, Dindigul Biryani, Thalassery Biryani
  • Kebabs Cooking Classes - Tandoori Chicken, Hariyali Kebab, Malai Tikka, Tangri Kebab, Fried Kabab, Seekh Kabab
  • Kebabs Cooking Classes 2 - Chapli kebab, Chilli cheese stuffed kebab, Kalimirch tikka, Lasooni kebab, Reshmi kebab, Sholey kebab
  • Chicken Rolls Making Classes - Chicken Sholay Roll, Chicken Shashlik Roll, Crispy Chicken Roll, Chinese Roll, Arabian Roll, Mexican Roll
  • Indian Chicken Dishes Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - Chicken 65, Chicken Vindaloo, Chicken Chettinad, Chicken Korma, Chicken Xacuti, Chicken Jalfrezi, Coriander Chicken, Chicken Ghee Roast (Mangalore), Chicken Pulimunchi (Mangalore), Green Chilli Chicken (Andhra), Chicken Tikka Masala, Chandi Chicken, Kerala Chicken Roast, Chicken Tomato Curry, Anardana Murgh (Pomegranate Chicken), Coorgi Chicken (Coorg, Karnataka), Chicken Broast, Malai Methi Chicken, Chicken Kolhapuri, Chicken Dhaniwal Korma, Chicken Sukka, Chicken Varuval, Pepper Chicken, Chicken Mappas, Chicken Kondattam, Aam Papad Chicken, Chicken Lababdar, Chicken Kasundi, Dhungar Chicken, Chicken Pulao
  • Indian Mutton Dishes Classes 1, 2 - Rogan Josh, Mutton Pepper Chops, Mutton Kofta Curry, Laal Maans, Dhansak, Haleem, Junglee Maas dry, Makki Ka Soweta Maas, Nalli Nihari, Safed Maas
  • Indian Fish Dishes Cooking Classes - Fish Moily, Fish Korma, Kerala Spiciy Fish Curry, Goan Fish Curry, Fish and Mango Curry, Machi Methi, Fried Fish, Fish Cutlet, Meen Pollichathu
  • Indian Prawns Dishes Cooking Classes - Butter Garlic Prawns, Prawns Balcho (Goan prawn pickle), Chilli Garlic Prawns, Kerala Prawn Masala, Prawn Curry, Prawns Theeyal

International Cuisine (NonVeg)

  • Chinese Cooking Classes 1, 2 - Fried Rice, Chowmein, Chicken Manchurian or Szechwan Chicken, Chili Chicken or Garlic Chicken, Spring Rolls, Wantons
  • Chinese Cooking Classes 3 - Dan dan Noodles (Sichuan), Kung pao chicken wings, Drums of heaven, General tso chicken, Orange chicken, Crispy fried chicken with chilli garlic sauce
  • Momo Making Classes - Steamed Momo, Chicken and Cheese Pan-fried Momo, Tandoori Momo, Kurkure Momo, Pan-fried Momo in Sichuan Sauce, Chocolate Momo
  • Pizza, Burger Classes - Home made Pizza base, Pizza sauce, different toppings, Chicken Burger, Home made Mayonnaise, Chicken Calzone, Garlic bread
  • Italian Cooking Classes - Home made pasta, Lasagna, Ravioli, Penne in Arrabbiata sauce, Fettuccini in creamy tomato sauce, Crostini, Caesar Salad, Gnocchi, Risotto, Chicken Piccata, Spaghetti with Chicken Meatballs.
  • Middle Eastern / Arabic Dishes - 1 - Shawarma with Toum sauce, Manakeesh, Kibbeh, Al Faham, Vermicelli Rice
  • Middle Eastern / Arabic Dishes - 2 - Moussaka, Pita bread, Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Kabsa
  • Sandwich and Wraps Making Classes - Learn how to make different types of sandwiches and wraps.
  • Mexican Cuisine Classes - Tortillas, Tacos, Nacho chips, Burritos, Enchiladas, Mexican Rice, Tex Mex fried Chicken, Salsa, Sour Cream
  • Mexican Cooking Class 2 - Chimichangas, Quesadilla, Mexican Tortilla Soup, Mexican Chicken Mole, Mexican Cilantro Rice
  • Thai Cuisine Classes - Red Curry, Green Chicken Curry, Chicken Satay, Basil Fried Rice, Pad Thai
  • Asian Dishes Cooking Classs : Learn to make popular asian dishes Nasi Goreng, Khao Soi, Nasi Lemek, Laksa Soup
  • Korean Cooking Classes - Gimbap, Dakgangjeong (Korean Spicy Fried Chicken), Yachaejeon (Korean Vegetable Pancake), Kimchi, Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice), Japchae (Korean Glass Noodles), Bibimbap (Rice with Meat & Vegetables)
  • Japanese Cooking Class - Firecracker Rice, Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, Chicken Katsu Curry Bento Box
  • Sizzler Classes - Chicken Sizzlers with Accompaniments and Sauces : Grilled Chicken with Barbeque Sauce, Sizzling Chicken in Pepper Sauce, Teriyaki Marinated Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, Grilled Chicken in Garlic Sauce, Herbed Grilled Chicken
  • Barbecue Classes - BBQ with delicious homemade Barbecue Marinades - Butterflied prawns, Cheesy mint chicken, Minced chicken skewers, Barbecue chicken, Rosemary peppered chicken, Methi Chicken
  • Steamed Dishes Cooking Classes - Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Momos, Siopao, Sushi, Cabbage Rolls
  • Continental Dishes Cooking Classes - Baked chicken with Mushroom stuffing served with brown sauce, Baked whole fish with Asparagus and Leeks, Steamed Plum Pudding with Brandy Butter, Irish Stew
  • Chicken Dishes : Popular chicken dishes from around the world : Pollo alla Parmigiana (Italian), Chicken Escalopes in lemon sauce (French), Chicken Popcorn (America), Chicken Tagine (Morocco), Chicken A La Kiev (Ukraine / Russia)
  • English Dishes Cooking Class - English Breakfast, Fish and Chips, English Muffins, Cheese Mustard Scones, Hash Browns, Bangers and Mash
  • Street Foods Cooking Classes - Popular street foods from around the world - Trdelnik, Currywurst, Langos, Poutine, Murtabak, Luqaimat
  • Pie Baking Classes - Chicken Pie, Shepherds Pie, Quiche, Chicken Florentine, Chicken Au Gratin
  • Steaks Cooking Classes - Steaks with accompaniments and sauces.

Starters & Snacks

  • Starters & Snacks Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Curry Puff, Baked Chicken Rolls, Chicken Croquettes, Stuffed Chicken Lollipop, Chicken Fingers, Fish Packets, Corn Dogs, Fried Chicken Rolls, Savoury Tarts, Baked Egg Bites, Meatballs, Spareribs, Honey Glazed Chicken, Dragon Chicken, Buffalo Wings, Fish Fingers, Chicken Nuggets, Fish Balls, Teriyaki Chicken, Batter Fried Prawns, Dynamite Shrimp, Chicken Majestic (Hyderabad), Chicken Samosa, Bacon Wrapped Prawns, Squid Rings.
  • Egg Dishes Cooking Classes - Frittata, Scotch Eggs, Deviled Eggs, Shakshouka, Egg Chilli Garlic, Birds Nest Egg Salad, Egg Casserole

Salads & Soups

  • Soups Cooking Classes - French Onion Soup, Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup), Cream of Mushroom Soup, Sweetcorn Soup, Hot N Sour Soup, Wanton Clear Soup
  • Salads Making Classes (Non - Veg) - Chick pea and bulgur wheat Salad, Quinoa salad, Thai chicken salad with sweet peanut and chili dressing, Oriental chicken salad, Panko crusted chicken salad, Chicken salad with Orange Dressing.

Cake Baking & Pastries

  • Cake Baking and Pastry Classes 1 - Black Forest cake, Pineapple Pastry, Swiss Rolls, Muffins, Cake with fudge icing
  • Cake Baking Classes 2 - Plum Cake (Fruit cake), Rich chocolate cake, Carrot & Dates cake, Pineapple Upsidedown Cake, Date Streusel Cake
  • Butter Cakes Baking Classes 3 - Cherry tea cake, Chocolate cake, Coffee toped cake, Honey cake, Milk cake, Orange cake
  • Cake Baking and Pastries Classes 4 - Zebra cake, Butterscotch pastry, Lazy daisy cake, Coffee walnut cake, Lychee cake
  • Cake Baking Classes 5 - Battenberg Cake, Ghee Cake, Lamington, Ginger Cake, Peanut-butter Cake
  • Cake Baking Classes 6 - Danish Biscuit Cake, Crispy Meringue Sandwich Cake, Black Beauty Cake, Castella Cake, Otemeal Crunch Cake
  • Cupcakes Baking Classes - Yummy delicious cupcakes - Vanilla / Chocolate, Mocha, Lemon cupcake with lemon curd, Red velvet cupcake with creamcheese frosting, Italian meringue buttercream
  • Brownie Baking Classes - Chewy fudge brownie, Crisp chocolate brownie, Fudge brownie, Ganache brownie, Gooey cupcake brownie
  • Brownie Baking Classes 2 : Sticky peanut brownie, Cashew blondie, Millionaires brownie, Macadamia white chocolate brownie, Banana brownie sizzler
  • Muffins Baking Classes - Banana Chocolate Muffin, Apple Crumble Muffin, Blueberry Muffin, Pineapple Muffin, Carrot Muffin, Zucchini Savory Muffin
  • Christmas Cakes Classes - Plum Cake(Christmas cake), Boiled Fruit Cake, Butter Rum Fruit Cake, Stollen
  • Christmas Baking 2020 - Gingerbread House, Cream Tart Christmas Wreath
  • Cake Decorating Classes - Fondant and Gumpaste Flowers from scratch, Royal Icing, Butter Cream Icing for decorating cakes
  • French Pastry Class : Learn to make French pastries Chocolate Eclairs, Opera Cake, Mille Feuille, Paries Brest
  • Baked Bars Classes - Chocolate Caramel Bars, Granola Bars, Bakewell Almond Bars, Peanut Butter Bars, Date and Pineapple Bars
  • Exotic Cake Baking Classes (Advanced)
    • Exotic cakes class 1 : Fruit Gateau, Coffee Streusel, Banana Bread, Death by Chocolate Cake
    • Exotic cakes class 2 : Truffle Cake, Mocha Cream Gateau, Checkered Cake, German Apple Cake
    • Exotic cakes class 3 : Peach Mousse Cake, Ravani Cake, Chocolate Fantasy Cake, Caramel Praline Gateau
    • Exotic cakes class 4 : Rainbow Cake, Pandan Cake, Tres Leches Cake, Chocolate Blackout Cake
    • Exotic cakes class 5 : Strawberry Chocolate Silk Cake, Basboussa, Cake Pops, Mango Cream Cheese Cake
    • Exotic cakes class 6 : Double Chocolate Mousse Cake, Matcha Mascarpone Cheese Cake (Japanese Green Tea Cake), Raffaello Cake, Blueberry Bavarian Cream Cake
    • Exotic cakes class 7 : German Plum Cake (Zwetschgenkuchen), Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich), Austrian Punch Cake (Punschkrapfen), Red Velvet Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream Icing
    • Exotic cakes class 8 : Medovik Cake, Hazelnut Crunch Cake, Rum Babas
    • Exotic cakes class 9 : Lemon Bundt Cake, Rose Milk Cake, Snicker Cake, Walnut Cake with American Frosting

Cookies & Tarts

  • Cookies & Biscuits Baking Classes
    • Cookies Baking Classes - 1 - Chocolate chip cookies, Masala cookies, Coconut cookies, Anzac Biscuits, Peanut Crinkles, Short Bread
    • Cookies Baking Classes - 2 - Chocolate Cookie Sandwich, Oatmeal Cookie, Gingerbread men, Brandy Snaps, Viennese fingers, Toll House Cookie
    • Cookies Baking Classes - 3 - Chocolate Biscotti, Fruit and Nut Biscotti, Snowball Cookies, Shortbread Florentine, Churros, Fruit Rolls
    • Cooking Baking Classes - 4 - Red velvet cookies, Turtle cookies, Linzer cookies, Ginger Cookies, Snickerdoodle cookies, Pineapple crecents
  • Tarts Baking Classes - Butterscotch Fudge Tart, Salted Caramel Tart, Hazelnut Praline Tart, Apple Tart, Lemon Meringue Tart

Macarons Making

Assorted Bakes

  • Assorted Bakes Class 1 - Hummingbird Cupcake, Key lime pie, Nutella Sea Salt Cookie, Kolache, Japanese Cotton Cheesecake
  • Assorted Bakes Class 2 - Craquelin, Choco Pie, Salted Caramel Potato Chip Tart, Chocolate Silk Pie

Desserts & Puddings


Pancakes & Waffles

Pickle (NonVeg)

Dinner Special

Cooking and Baking Classes on Weekdays and Weekends

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