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Tips & Tricks

  1. 3 Tbsp Cocoa + 1 Tbsp Butter can substitute for 1 ounce of chocolate in recipes.
  2. Substitute 2 Tbsp maida for 1 Tbsp corn flour if corn flour is not available but maida will not give same crispiness as cornflower.
  3. Substitute a batter of maida mixed with water and a pinch of baking powder to coat cutlets instead of eggs.
  4. To keep coconuts from rotting, store with the fibrous end upwards.
  5. If you cannot get leeks in the market, substitute with spring onions.
  6. To remove smell from fish, rub it with salt and vinegar. Leave it for 1/2 hour and wash thoroughly.
  7. Crisp brown onion - add salt in the beginning so that water will come out and onion will brown fast.

Fahrenheit to Centigrade Conversion Table

Many baking recipes mention temperature in °F, here is an easy lookup table for °F to °C conversion

32°F = 0°C 50°F = 10°C 68°F = 20°C 86°F = 30°C
104°F = 40°C 122°F = 50°C 140°F = 60°C 158°F = 70°C
176°F = 80°C 194°F = 90°C 212°F = 100°C 230°F = 110°C
248°F = 120°C 266°F = 130°C 284°F = 140°C 302°F = 150°C
320°F = 160°C 338°F = 170°C 356°F = 180°C 374°F = 190°C
392°F = 200°C 410°F = 210°C 428°F = 220°C 446°F = 230°C
464°F = 240°C 482°F = 250°C 500°F = 260°C 518°F = 270°C
536°F = 280°C 554°F = 290°C 572°F = 300°C 590°F = 310°C
608°F = 320°C 626°F = 330°C 644°F = 340°C 662°F = 350°C

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