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Vegetarian Sizzler Cooking Class

Learn 5 Vegetarian Sizzlers (Broccoli Croquets Sizzler, Veg Cutlet Sizzler, Macaroni N Cheese Sizzler, Paneer Shashlik Sizzler, Chopsuey Sizzler) with sauces (Mushroom Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Garlic Sauce, BBQ Sauce) and accompaniments (Mash Potato, Butter Rice, Boiled Vegetables)

Veg Sizzler - Broccoli Croquets SizzlerBroccoli Croquets Sizzler (Veg Sizzler)
Veg Sizzler - Veg Cutlet SizzlerVeg Cutlet Sizzler (Veg Sizzler)
Veg Sizzler - Macaroni N Cheese SizzlerMacaroni N Cheese Sizzler (Veg Sizzler)
Veg Sizzler - Paneer Shashlik SizzlerPaneer Shashlik Sizzler (Veg Sizzler)
Veg Sizzler - Chopsuey SizzlerChopsuey Sizzler (Veg Sizzler)

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