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Veg Starters and Snacks

Learn to make vegetarian starters and snacks :

  • Veg Starters Class 1 : Crunchy Paneer Balls, Potato Croquettes, Paneer Sticks, Veg Baked Rolls, Veg Curry Puff
  • Veg Starters Class 2 : Cajun Potato, Chilli Paneer, Crispy Corn, Kurkure Bindi, Crispy Cauliflower

Crunchy Paneer BallsCrunchy Paneer Balls
Potato CroquettesPotato Croquettes
Paneer SticksPaneer Sticks
Veg Baked RollsVeg Baked Rolls
Veg curry puffVeg Curry Puff
Cajun PotatoCajun Potato
Chilli PaneerChilli Paneer
Crispy CornCrispy Corn
Kurkure BindiKurkure Bindi
Crispy CauliflowerCrispy Cauliflower

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